Egnazia Vermouth

Borgo Egnazia
( is like a breathing tale of Puglia, spoken by the ancient culture of the land and by the sheer beauty of its nonpareil architecture. Far from a resort, it embodies a brand new concept of hospitality based on local, authentic experiences.

In honor of the enhancement of the territory and its roots, Borgo Egnazia produces Egnazia Vermouth Rosso, the first Vermouth of Pulia origin entirely conceived among the olive groves  and the white walls of the village
Egnazia Vermouth Rosso has been produced staring from a wine base of Verdeca IGP Puglia, harvested in 2018 in the Itria Valley, in the heart of the region. The wine has been fortified and flavoured with a lot of herbs and spices typical of the Mediterranean area such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, peel of citrus fruit from Gargano (northern part of Puglia) and most of all leaves of olive trees, great symbol of Puglia.

The distinctiveness of this fortified liqueur wine comes from the olive trees, whose taste enhance all the aromatic flavours of Puglia in a product that is elegant and well-rounded at the same time

the history 


It’s the first liqueur wine flavored with artemisie, herbs and spices, signed by Borgo Egnazia and born from an idea of the Beverage Director Dario Gentile, with Puglian blood but international experience from Europe to Asia.
Dario took care of the whole project with the ambition to write a new chapter in the history of Italian vermouth: during the last year he dedicated himself to the research of raw materials, typical of the Mediterranean, to be assembled to the “Valle d’Itria” wine. Studies, tests, tastings and modifications brought to the final formula after more than a year working with the leaders of vermouth production in Piedmont, a land dedicated to the development of this product since 1800.